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Writing Portfolio


Click HERE to watch the short film, "The Roommates" - a submission to the 2020 Isolation Short Film Festival, written by Larissa.

Click HERE to watch "Vigilante Justice" - a scene written by Larissa for the Ideal Reels 13 Contest. This scene won the competition's "People's Choice Award."

Click HERE to request to read the pilot tv script for "Pulled Under."




Charles Sturt University, Bachelor of Primary Education

Tyndale University, College and Seminary, Bachelor of Arts, English


Screenwriting Courses:

Writers Room 101 (with Daril Fannin - LB Acting Studios)

Creative Writing Courses:

Extreme Creative Writing (with Brian Henry), Creative Writing (with N.J. Lindquist and Judith Robinson)

Creative Writing Workshops with Brian Henry:

How to Build Your Story, How to Get Published, How to Write a Best Seller, Writing for Children and Young Adults


August 2013-present

Edit My Paper
Freelance Editor

- work on a variety of projects, from school papers for students, to mass email messages for businesses, to short stories for authors 

- correct spelling, grammar, word choice, flow, consistency, run-on sentences, sentences fragments, and punctuation to ensure polished and professional prose

- make comments as necessary to guide clients through edits and improvements

August 2013-September 2016

Various Companies
Freelance Copy & Content Writer

- research, write, and edit copy and content on diverse industry topics

- write web content based on material supplied by client or employer

- proofread final drafts of web pages 

- write articles and press releases, working under tight deadlines

December 2013-April 2014

Canadian International Broadcast TV
Lead Writer on TV Central

- brainstorm ideas for episodes

- keep up-to-date with news in the entertainment industry and related fields, and perform all research duties for eventual scripts

- transform content into four to five pages of exciting and witty dialogue for every ten minute episode of TV Central

February-August 2013


Copy Writer & Proofreader

- create descriptions and summaries of novels represented by Beverley Slopen Literary Agency to be used on various websites, and occasionally back covers

- edit pre-existing copy in order to keep it relevant and fresh

- correct spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in website copy

- proofread ebooks and format for different distribution retailers

Writing / Editing Services

Proofreading Services

If you have a document that's already been written, edited, reworked, and written again, and it just needs that final look-through by a professional pair of eyes to ensure you really have crossed all your t's, dotted your i's, and no period is out of place--that's where my proofreading services come in. I read through to make sure spelling, grammar, and formatting are correct; and that the writing is clear and comprehensive, and accomplishes its purpose.

My standard rate for proofreading is

$5 CAD per page (which generally works out to about 2¢ per word).

Copy Editing Services

This goes beyond checking for spelling and grammar mistakes, with the intention to improve, rather than simply correct. Copy editing also includes a focus on the flow of the document, consistency of language and style, and if necessary,

some reorganization of content or restructuring of text.

My standard rate for copy editing is

$7.50 CAD per page, however, if the document requires a heavy amount of copy editing, this may increase by $1-2.

A rate increase would not be applied without prior discussion. 

Content Editing Services

This is the most extensive editing service I offer. It includes everything mentioned in copy editing, but would also involve possible section or paragraph rewrites, the addition of necessary content that was originally omitted, and other variations of content creation. If you have a first draft of a document that doesn't live up to what you'd envisioned, and you need help to get it there, this service is for you.

My standard rate for content editing is $10 CAD per page, however, depending on the length of the document (upon mutual agreement), an hourly rate might be charged instead.

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