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Below are several links to various press releases and company articles, in the form of PDF documents, to give you an idea of Larissa's research and content writing style. 

Company Articles:

"Because I Am A Girl" | "Blue River Resort" | "Elevator Q&A" | "Hedge Funds"

"Invisalign" | "Motorcycle Gear" | "Plan Canada"

Press Releases:

"Hairstylists Give Back" | "Horseback Riding Tour" | "New Physiotherapy Website"

"Swarovski Crystal Christmas Ornament"

Next you'll find links to an assortment of websites for which Larissa has written webpage content. Each link will take you to the homepage of the respective website. 

Website Content:

"Rock Hard Cases" | "Alpine Towing" | "Nafta Foods" | "Edge Clean"

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