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Click HERE to watch the short film, "The Roommates" - a submission to the 2020 Isolation Short Film Festival, written by Larissa.

Click HERE to watch "Vigilante Justice" - a scene written by Larissa for the Ideal Reels 13 Contest. This scene won the competition's "People's Choice Award."

Click HERE to request to read the pilot tv script for PULLED UNDER.


Click HERE to find out more about Larissa's book of poetry, Beneath My Skin.

The poem that inspired the title of Larissa's book of poetry, Beneath My Skin, is also published on the site, CommuterLit. You can read it HERE.

Another poem from the collection in Beneath My Skin was published in the 2023 program for the Festival of Literary Diversity (the FOLD), which you can find on page 31, HERE.


Larissa is a regular contributor to the Guy at the Movies website. Read her latest pieces HERE.

Click HERE to read a guest blog post Larissa wrote for Scribbler.


Click HERE to see Larissa's copy, in the form of a synopsis of the eBook, The Moche Warrior.

Click HERE for a variety of Larissa's content writing samples.


See below for a sample of Larissa's writing from her novel, [working title] Pulled Under.

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